• Poetry

    The Un’Filled’ Page

      The ‘un’Filled Page As I stare at an empty page ‘What do I write? Upon the vast emptiness – is everything I want And everything that can’t As Ink fills that emptiness quick, blues become bright! Scratched all over – those scars indeed haunt, Crumbled that discarded rant. As I stare at an empty page, ‘What do I write?’ Fight with thoughts. Flight of senses. Attempted Presented. Yet in denial. Love art. Art loves. It was a delight. A fresh Perception. Glory presented. Life never has a mistrial!

  • Photo-Story

    Returning to the Market

    The walking stick thumped on the hard parts of the road, the muck had accumulated unevenly on the road. Two pairs of legs followed the stick; one pair had a lace socks and a buckle shoe and other pair was larger, varicose veins conveniently showing up on the clawed feet that wore the chappals in a haphazard manner. They found their sweet spot, in front of an old gate which lead nowhere, it was the only calm. “Thata – they are walking right into the cycle” she piqued, looking at the cycle with wide eyes. “Rushing, Rekha! Everyone is busy.” He smiled. “Why aren’t we rushing Thata?” her eyes brimming…

  • Poetry

    Life is Never the Same

    Life is never the same Hard toil to reach the pinnacle of achievement Enjoy the momentary success Then roll down To rest in the valley of deep sorrow This is the philosophy of life If we understand this We will feel no pain or gain Life is never the same The past became memories to think Yet the present remains ours to live The future becomes an expedition to see When we take life as it comes It becomes fun If we understand this We will feel no pain or gain Life is never the same Itinerant minds resembles oceans Our hearts, like boats, that are seldom ashore Deeds done…

  • Poetry

    It is All Corporate

    If wearing a Suit and Tie, Can make you sly; If having power, Can get you gay; If conscience was sold. Neither right nor bold, Can you hold – Egos retold. Neither do you grow, Nor do you sow, Mellowing at follow- Er(r) of thou. Through the All Seeing Eye Nothing flies by You might now defy But You shant tongue tie For the will Good prevail Even at the pace of snail – The Universal Economies of Scale Cause’ Satyameva Jayatae! The Poem – It is all Corporate is also available in PoemHunter.com – Lakshmi Venkataraman

  • Poetry

    The Last Call, With Love!

    Reading anecdote after anecdote Devouring them all like an antidote. Savoring them to heal the poisonous Break out – Love, they called it. They promised me hope, rejuvenated life; Nectar like thoughts for a drugged mind. Words over words they built on. Mindlessly drunkard searched for anon. Anon was it? The lines were my cocaine. From the one who left me estranged. Anon was it? Parchment after another Beautiful calligraphy oozing words preserved. Brittle they were, broken was the reader. A traitor was the heart – cheated reality retracing thought. Tears over years, the brittle parchments dissolved. Anon it was. Thus propagated. Mindless child lost in the wild Soon ended…

  • Poetry

    Forbidden Fruit And Wandering Wind

    ‘Love’ she sighed, ‘You know’ A coy smile brought that glow. ‘Forbidden Fruit – Don’t get rooted’ Brown Bark hooted. ‘You sway much! Might stray! Caution Forbidden Fruit! Restrain Unbidden Thought! ‘ barked brown Bark. Smouldering Eyes retorted shamelessly-the transported thoughts. ‘Love’ he sighed, ‘Spared no fruit’ ‘That potent touch! He’s my pursuit’ Crooned the fruit. Bark quavered Instantly fates favoured. Forbidden fruit snatched by brute. ‘Seek me? But be carefree’ Wind embraced delightfully the chaste Fruit. Clung as she flung. ‘Love’ she smiled, ‘Spares no force’ She nested as upon a horse ‘Oh! My dear Forbidden fruit! ‘ Whoosed Wind, ‘I am seduced; By your touch and pure Soul.…

  • Poetry

    Moon n’ Me

    As a month old baby, I saw you! O Moon! As white huge ball, I whined & purred for You all while Incapable to reach; incapable to think, All I did was to sleep & sleep As a five year-old girl, I saw you! O Moon! Singing vernacular invitations to come & dine with me Unable to come to me, you saw me eat! As a ten yr-old girl, I saw you! O moon! Cuddled in my grandma’s lap tracing A funny rabbit stuck there Unable to rescue, you held a zoo! As a 15 yr-old girl, I saw you! O moon! To be nothing but a crushed paper which…

  • Photo-Story,  Short-Story

    Grandeur of Parthasarathy Theer (Car) Festival

    Story inspired by the Theer Festival of Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple. Have you wondered about the grandeur that surrounds this event? If you have then you must read. If you haven't now that I've mentioned about the same, read it here. !

  • Photo-Story

    The Rickshaw

    *A small conversation inspired by the photo* “I rumble and tumble across roads, dirt and water; getting thin with stress and fatter with food” in a final tone. “Bu… But you encounter places, people, and their stories” He rattled “Stuck all day. Squeezing and clenching, at dawn and dusk I get liberation.” “I was ramped up against the pavement, to showcase my master’s bravado! Just moments after toiling with insurmountable weight – I’m wearing thin; you are kept safe and sound, handled with care, always! The rich lady today mentioned one of you almost every 5 minutes.” She whoosed “Wait! Fancier the surface, surer the hit! I’m bleeding rust!” Peering…