What is the story behind Lakshmi Ramanan

Stories are everywhere, behind every reason, every action, every evolution and extinction.

Stories are told and heard; Stories are read and understood; Stories are thought about and written.

There is a story behind why you are here and it would end with, “So I’m to know who Lakshmi Ramanan is?”

So who am I?

I’m Lakshmi Ramanan. I’m a story-teller. That is all I’m.

I scout for stories in everyday lives, with brands, with everything under the sun.

If you ask what I do – I write stories, I capture stories, I talk about stories.

Then I go on writing my stories for stories which become opinions,

I dig deeper into the why behind stories that become reviews

I talk about the multiple possibilities, the what-if and the if-not, that become perspectives.

So where did I begin?

Once upon a time, yes mine is a fairytale as well, or a moral story (gee! I’ll let you choose). Like every other child from an ‘Indian’ household who did not take Science, but took up commerce I ended up with an MBA. I very slightly missed the cliche of engineering and an MBA combo, but everything else fell into place with a corporate job for 3 years. Until one day, I quit.


Now I’m a freelancer. My rice and curd are from writing copy, scripts, fiction and everything I could lay my hands on. Reach out to me if you want your content done.