Blogging from A to Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

Stories are everywhere. Strewn here and there. They lay naked, oblivious to the eye that zaps across the time, the feet that rush through and thoughts that waves, never calm. It takes one story to put the senses in order, nurse the wounds, appease the ego, and make life little easier to be. More importantly to slow down. It might tickle you with joy, share wisdom, make you wonder, empathize.

It is those things that happen to each of us, which connects and makes us one. For there is no greater experience than knowing we are not alone. This April 2018 I’m going to spin the yarn with ‘everyday stories’ for the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge. They may be long, or tiny; perhaps even a smidge from a bigger one. But stories nevertheless.

What are everyday stories, where do we find them? Well, just around. What do we see? People, things significant and insignificant like the tea stain on the floor, dusty corner of the room, a battered teddy bear. They would have stories to tell if only we pause to hear them.

Do stop by, read and share your similar experiences, experiences of those whom you have known and cherished, or hated, or just been a witness too. Bring out the stories from the experiences. Share it if you like it, tell me if you don’t; or how it could have been made better. Give it new twists. Let us make the stories count. If you have been reading my Facebook posts, you can expect what kind of stories these would be.

Everyday Stories.


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