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Diary Dearest

Dear Diary,

You are not going to believe what happened today. I found my pocket dictionary. I carried it all the way to school and back. I mention carried because I never recollect opening it at school. The dictionary would invariably get stuck between books that were practically thrown in. Wedged in-between the pocket dictionary lay like a broken barren branch, pages angled like twigs. When I did manage to take out my dictionary, it would be during our English class, yes only when everyone took it out. I was too cautious of that. I did not want to be branded as a geek. So I remember, I would unceremoniously go back home and used my bigger dictionary instead. Win-win.

Wonderful things dictionaries, so much to learn. One could never just look up for ‘one’ word. That just-does-not-happen. It always leads to new words, at least 5 of them. The funny part is you might not remember all of them, but it will surface when it matters. And Oh! The thrill of looking up a word, if they are not earmarked for alphabets on the side of a closed book, the game becomes better. Tearing apart the dictionary is like opening up a pomegranate. Then the seeds need to be picked by putting a finger on them. Only here a word pops, then a few more dribbles down. But sure, like most, I resigned to technology, outsourced the ‘process’ of finding the meanings, little did I know that I was served a tetra-packed sugar-rich pomegranate juice. Because I wanted everything quicker, speed service at the touch of the finger, the batter of the eyelid. I had the word meaning in 0.49 seconds. Innumerable meanings to one word and I hardly remember even one. Why bother? The word would be suggested, typos are accepted, effortless, seamless, fluid – the technology that made the search easy – I just didn’t have to remember.

Dear Diary, now I realize why the tortoise won the race.


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