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Entrances – New Beginnings

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She was sitting in the chairs aligned neatly on one end of the room. Poised, taking deep breaths, scanning the room and passing quick smiles to anyone who passes by. She then put her head behind in exasperation, pulled it back in almost a moment and got back into character. Her wavering eyes kept flickering back to the door. She wanted the door to open, but at the same time, she wished it didn’t. Dyslexia they had told her, is a learning disability. Her mind had panicked and she missed everything after that. A ringing thought in her head, ‘My child could be dyslexic’. Being a parent was hard enough she thought, and now it came up with new pressures daily. Her heart was pounding ever since she came in today. She had been taking deep breathes. She had to sit still, she knew she would lose it all in a jiffy. Whoever said ‘A smile could come a long way’ did not know that her smiles were a silent call for someone there to walk up to her and to tell it is going to be ok. Her partner was yet to come, she glanced at the watch once again absent-mindedly.

Questions battered her mind, he knew her baby boy was fine, and this was just a disability. She had read every possible material online. But when it came to facing the reality, it was hard. She remembered the day he was born, her bundle of chocolate cocooned so perfect. Now he is growing and fast, here she was sitting waiting to know something that would change their future adversely. The society was merciless already, will they understand that nothing is wrong with him? Or maybe there is something wrong with him. No! that just cannot be. It is just a disability they said. It can be managed. But how would the people around me know? Additional classes for a kid studying in fourth standard – how ridiculous does that sound. I would totally judge a kid for that but today my own. Maybe he has been just lazy. She hoped she would hear that.

As she sat there contemplating, she was called for inside. She was yet to come. Annoyed she stood up in a huff. Just in the nick of time her wife walked in and took her hand. Their eyes met, recalling many discussions, she reassured, “It is going to be ok. Just remember our little chocolate pumpkin over everything” and reached for the door.


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  • arun oliver

    Very good literature.
    Born to wirte mam.

    This is my 2nd reading of your literature.
    May I ask with all due respect, are you a part of the LGBT rights circle.

    Just curious.
    Sunday vikram a friend of mine also who fights for LGBT rights is my close friends.
    I love them.

    Just curious

    Arun oliver

    • LakshmiRamanan

      Thank you Arun. I’m not sure if writing about LGBT puts me in the circle; sexuality is a personal choice and that should never be looked differently. Emotions are the same across humans and I’m just trying to tell that no one is different from each other, so we can all be a little kinder to each other at the end of the day.

      THank you for dropping by,
      Lakshmi Ramanan