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“Hurry up!” she bellowed at everyone and the vein in her head was about to pop. She was acting out of character today and she had a good reason. Her favorite band would be performing in a couple of hours. Her friends were delaying her and she was pacing up and down near the door. She could barely contain her excitement and for a couple of days she occasionally danced her way to get something, or she would start to sing out loud. Music was her salvation. She had a tune to every mood, a mood to every song. She was that person who would shush a people talking at the restaurant to get the song playing in the background; if she could not guess the song, her head would flip until she found the song. Finally! after what seemed like ages, they were ready.

“WE ARE LATE BY FIVE MINUTES” she gave them all a menacing glare, hustling them downstairs. The minute they were in the car all their collective crazy hit the roof. Suddenly, one of them reminded if everyone else got their ID. Thankfully everyone had. She breathed relief and dashed down to the venue with a lot of time to spare. Yet there was a decent queue, she started to fret again. After a bit, there she stood, “Woah!” she heaved a relief, just moments away from getting inside.

“ID please” security asked. Flashing a large flirty smile, and looked into the tiny only-used-for-special-occasions glittery clutch. Eyes widened. Panic. It was not there. It would have fallen down in the car. Sending her friends ahead to save her a seat. She rushed into the parking lot which was now full and hence closed. ‘Parked near the backstage! wow! If only I get lucky enough to meet the band. Or just the lead singer. She is my inspiration. If only’, as she thought she swayed her head to her right and she froze. The lead singer was puffing away near the door. ‘OH MY GOD!’ her heart pounded. Barely containing herself, she burst in and introduced herself and went on gushing about how the songs were uplifting, and one particular number, helped her through difficult times. ‘Oh! well, we will be performing that song today, I’ll have your name mentioned.’ She went giddy and floated her way back to the car. ‘How down-to-earth was is the singer despite her fame. I aspire to be like her’ she grinned as she lay low between the seats to get her ID card, still not believing the lucky day. ‘I hope I didn’t dream’ she checked to see of the singer was still there through the narrow gap between multiple cars that were parked in the lot. Suddenly she started to hit someone hard and repeatedly; then scanning the surrounding quickly, it almost seemed like she wanted to make sure nobody else saw, took a deep breath and went in.

‘Serves the stalker right’ she walked ahead cautiously, clutching her pepper spray and froze. He was standing there. Sobbing. ‘A little boy, no older than 10 years old, a poor little boy’ quite literally too. He wasn’t dressed for the concert, his frayed dress told a very different story. ‘Bruised badly. All for running into her and getting mud on her $4000 shoes. Even if he had done it on purpose. It was wrong. Hurling abuse at a boy who looked no older than 10 years.’ she was appalled. To calm him, she took him to her car and put medicines. As she revved the car to let the AC flow, the radio started to sing her favorite song on universal love. That very song that was going to be performed shortly.


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