Beach Stories #3: Boy with Bicycle!


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“Where was I?”

“Krish interpreted his father’s thoughts on what was on that journal”

“Oh yes yes!” Ocean seemed to remind me of an old man with white beard, “Yes let the man be for the moment. I want to show you something else”. I narrowed my eyebrows, “Patience. Remember the I told that lives by the shore aplenty and interconnected…” and hushed me into another tale


“I love my cycle” I squealed looking at my brand-new hand me down cycle. It has been a month since I got it, and it becomes easy for me to deliver newspapers every day. I rode along with a grin on my face as I neared the last house to deliver newspaper and my favorite house. Every day an old last in her early 70s would stand by the door, she would wear light cotton sarees pairing them with white blouses. That day, she looked radiant.

“Paati!” I handed over the newspaper slowly through the grill of the door. She peered slow and steady, got the papers, with a smile that was plastered on her face and said, “Thank you little one! God Bless you! May your smile be with you all day!”

“Paati? Are your grandchildren coming home? Why are you so happy?”

“You little one, I wait every morning to see you!” she beamed, “I got chocolates for you too!”

She gave them through the grill door. I munched them greedily and chatted with her for few more minutes before leaving the place. She is my favorite person and those words – I had tears in my eyes, of joy, and of un-parallel kindness. The joy seemed to spread through me, passing on to every person I saw. My aunt for whom I worked, smiled at me, and lo and behold! there were no customers around us. Surprises didn’t there, as I walked around the beach by the evening, selling snacks, I realized I sold more than usual and it was not even a holiday. In all, I realized kindness can do wonders! Seeing her in the morning became more and more dear and special to me. Days ran by in this manner.

Until one day, I went to the house, and she was not there. I peddled closer through the narrow path. My heart was pounding audibly. I called out to her, “Paati!”. Someone popped their head out, asked me to wait. Sirens wailed loudly and I held my breath, with tears in my eyes fearing the unfathomable. The moment I saw here, everything became A-OK! With her smile as she slowly walked towards me. As she came, she handed over a bag and some chocolates.

“You live by the beach is it not? Throw it into the sea. It consumes everything!” It was heavy

I nodded my head, and we had our usual talk. She seemed sad, it broke my heart.

I came out and open my bag, I found notebooks, hand-written notebooks. Never had my lack of reading skills stung me more.

A Journal yet again?
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