Beach Stories#104: Destines change


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“Ocean. Dear Ocean. Oh, dear Ocean. Two stories and both hanging in mid-air!”

“Patience is a virtue! Let me start off right away then…”


 “Why did Paati want me to dispose of it? Does the ocean really consume everything?” absent-mindedly I was drawing shapes on the shore, “Yes it doesn’t it? Look at the lives that fell prey here. The rituals and flowers that are consumed and sometimes spat out”

I pulled my legs closer, resting my head on my knees looping the notebook bag in my arm, I could not help but think about people who come here. People who lost it all, found it all at the beach, “Do you really consume everything oh Ocean?”

“Anna!” that familiar voice. I looked up startled, to see Krish running towards me. I’ve seen him since he was a year-old and he frequented the beach with either of his parents, this time it was his dad.

“Thambi. How are you?” his dad ruffled my hair. He was one genuine person I’ve known. He used to visit our streets monthly once, and play guitar and sing with us till he got a big break-through sometime back, now he is a very busy musician.

“I’m good sir. Been a long time!” I noticed the sadness in his eyes, or was it just because I was sad? It should work both ways I think, If I’m happy so is everything around me and sad, so it is around me.

“Yes! I was here yesterday, could not find you though. Can you take care of Krish for two minutes?” he showed his bag that he carried. Suddenly, there was a bigger wave, I stood in front of Krish, and noticed two bags in both our hands lifted. “My slippers!” someone wailed loudly behind us, as I saw the wave taking one of the pairs with it. The next wave got it back, and the pair was reunited

“Whatever goes with the wave comes back with a wave” he chuckled, “I wonder if my journals would get back!” turned looked at me, “Throwing away what you wrote?” I quipped. He nodded and raised his hands to throw them into the sea.

“WAIT” I yelled, “DO NOT THROW” it was all figured out in my head. Krish’s father was blinking at me in frozen motion. “Why?” he took Paati’s book from my hand that I extended to him. Wide-eyed, he flipped through the pages. I narrated him what had happened. “I want you to read them and tell me, I want to know” and, “Err. If it is ok, I’ll give her yours…”


“Clear boy” Ocean beamed, “Both of them took the journals and walked away”

“That makes no sense to me at all” I was getting annoyed now.

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