Flash Fiction,  Short-Story

Journey for J

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The engines revved. Headlights twitched into action. Radio filled the silence within. He reached out to hold her hand. Tears filled his eyes. She took a deep breathe blinking away the tears that were brimming. “Not our own” He whispered into the darkness around, “Never did I imagine this”. She held his hand tighter as words seemed to have deserted her. She let the sob rack through her but refused to let this moment to break her down. She was determined, she said nothing. The car swerves away from the kerb. Lost in thoughts, they drove in silence. Finding the yellow tarmac skipping under the streetlights, through the inner roads that seemed to know that it needs to be quiet and give them this moment. As these moments piled up, she realized “I’m lost” she announced with a sigh and raised her eyebrows. “Yes. We both are” he hoarse voice was laden with dark humour. “Directionally” she added “I’m lost directionally”

“Let’s not use the GPS” she stopped him, “Let’s figure it out on our own” It seemed to divert his thoughts, “Drive” he acknowledged. After some time, with a few twists and turns, they seemed to reach the kerb where they had parked. “Now what?” he asked her. “If this is the start, then it is. We begin, again” she sounded mystical making him look at her with a puzzled expression. “Route or ..” he persisted. As turned into a different road that he pointed out, “Both” a quick smile passed her lips. “I know it is hard. It is not that we have our life map on hand, but we have each other.” She reached her hand out to him, “All I know is…” she paused as he sighed. “I’m wondering what our families would react?” She put her head behind, appearing to have given up, while he looked confused at her reaction, she whispered, “We are lost again”.

“No no wifey. Just a couple of minutes away from home” he smiled as he navigated her through “If it is the way forward. We do it.” She smiled as she drove, “Are you sure?” she hovered on the subject with measured hesitance. “Yes I’m” he replied with a thoughtful nod. “An hour late, seems we got lost for a reason” She gave a wry smile looking at her watch. As he came around and gave her a hug, he whispered: “We are going to have a baby” and kissed.

“Adoption it is” she parroted the joy.

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