Stories by the Beach #102 – Plot Thickens

Story so far …
Stories by the Beach #101 – The Beginning

Ocean paused with a well-intended smirk, “Any questions?”

“Sirens?” I paused,

“Good. Let me narrate …” Ocean continued


5 years, after that day, I was sitting by the shore, and she there sitting opposite to me cross-legged. My girlfriend of 8 years; wife of 4 years, and; and mom of my 2-year old. The same sirens that wailed inside of me ramped again for the n-th time since that day. In the space between us, was a book, a partially filled book. To be precise, my book, my journal.

Even under the dim moonlight, her half-lit face seemed angry. She had questions, questions that she should not have had had she not read it, questions that she must ask herself. One question that hit me was, “How could I be so careless in leaving the journal around?”

“Krish got it from your desk” I was speechless, she just answered what I thought, ‘Did we just re-connect?’ she was so much calm than what I expected her to be.

“Oh!” I muttered, “you happen to read it?”

“Sorry, I did not know what it was and read though. I did not realize it was your …”

“Journal” I interrupted her words coincided mine, “new story” she finished.

Both of us looked up at each other.

I was wrong, she was guilty back then but now she had questions,

“Is it not your new story?”

“It is! I didn’t want anyone to read it before I finished. But since you found out” taking the book out from her sight and pulling her into an embrace.

Little did I know that  I had planted that thought in her head. She was taken aback, I held


her after a long time. Her wet cheeks rubbed against my tee. My mind raced into reality.

‘I need to dispose of my journals. She had read my recent one, with few filled pages. Did it really seem like a story?’ A shudder went through my spine, I broke the embrace. Her beautiful eyes held a familiar redness. She left me to be there on the shore

Waves were increasingly getting intense.

I was lost in thought, ‘Was the guitarist whom she had met almost 8 years ago in a gig still there? Will she support the same way she had supported the once broke musician? Did she fall out of love too? What will happen to Krish – a mistake that I’ve grown too fond of? The extra..’

“Papa!” Krish broke my thoughts.

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