For all Childhood Friendships – Let’s Celebrate

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Its a blessed world if we have people around us whom we grew up with the childhood friendships – cousins, siblings, neighborhood friends, childhood friends, it can be anyone. Those ae friendships without an agenda – all those days spent in the streets playing, the old computer games, painting, eating and exploring. We grew with them, our ideals, thoughts, likes and dislikes were shaped around each other, influencing yet discovering our unique self.
Over the years, we have the wordless conversations, distance doesn’t matter – they are those go-to persons when you feel low. One might find a lot of meaningful friendships later as life goes by, but those friendships are irreplaceable, nothing heals the hurt better than a few words from those persons, joy multiplies multi-fold with them.

If you have such friends savor the friendships, enjoy and maybe just dial them just to talk, let the conversations go crazy. Bring a smile to your day and theirs. Let’s celebrate all the childhood friendships

There might be a few times when you need to let go of such a friend, a toxic one. Just let them go. Trust me. Letting go is so much better.
I can safely say I have had that friendship that I did let go of, eighteen years of friendship, but without regret. Because it was toxic. We don’t talk it feels good. It might contravene the first part, yes but that’s what makes life isn’t it? Never all black or all white – it’s always grey.

– I’m currently looking at extreme poles of thoughts that one encounters in life, pondering and musing upon them.

What do you think?

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