Your Perceptions – The Painter of Your Universe

*Thoughts inspired by the click*

Take a slow look around,
the shades of people that we see,
the shades that people think they are, and
the shades that people are.
Just like anything else, this changes
with the kind of light
where each is positioned,
more importantly, the onlooker is stationed
Or simply a new shade can be painted within moments
Nobody is the same person they were yesterday, they evolve, realize, change, repent, (or don’t) for their actions.
Yet the most powerful realization is each has their own perceptions, and just because they don’t match with someones else, doesn’t mean they are wrong. A gentle wakeup call to reality will make one realize that they aren’t right either. That would then bring us to speed on, people having opinions.
Social media has taught us that opinions can become sensations very soon. So what’s the deal you might ask,
“learning to agree to disagree” has become a vital skill to keep sanity intact.
It also reminds us to be kind, ever forgiving, and compassionate. Not for the sake of others but oneself. As we keep busy hating someone so passionately, they would have just become the best version of what we thought they were.
No. It’s not about getting back on “great” terms with a back-stabber; or the old “friend” with whom you once had a great time.
It simply means that you forgive yourself, elevate yourself from that closed mindset and realize that nobody will be who you thought they are, and you need to accept them for who they are. That vulnerability makes us compassionate, forgiving and with peace with yourself.
Afterall, the green color leaves are a reminder that they are everything but that Color and all we can see is green because every other Color has been absorbed.

Leaving with that thought to a Happy Friday!

What’s your perception?

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