Reading Newspapers marks your dawn? This is for you

Do you start your day by reading Newspapers?

If you are like my dad, then probably you will read not one, but close to three different dailies along with piping hot filter coffee.

Another ritual he follows is that, he will read out certain tit-bits of news aloud – few will be hot debated topics, others will be of murders, robbery or accidents. . It makes me think, why does one even begin their day with the

“newspaper” aka “new-age telegram”.

While I have great respects for the fifth pillar, I would never want to start my day with one.


I don’t want to read about blood-spatters;

I don’t want to read about who insulted whom;

I don’t want to read about the celebrity gossips;

I don’t want to look at twirling models.


I would much rather start my day with good vibes cheers and caffeine; looking at mundane things

like the cat stealing the rice from crows,

the little girl throwing tantrum to let go of her pink teddy before bath;

the pleats of my mother’s saree; the aroma of the food being cooked;

my father chiding me for letting lights on in the bathroom. .

These fill my heart enough to pull me through the day – with a smile on my lips I prefer theses over the extravagant larger than life events that come in black/white prints.

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