The Fruit – Seller

*Story inspired by the picture*

I returned to this place years later. I saw myself sitting on the rickety cycle, running errands for my neighbors, returning to my house only to sleep. The streets were my home, neighbors and the residents were my family. Years rolled since I was that 9-year old boy.

I saw a skinny boy, in rags and his eyes were twinkling, driving around in a rickety cycle. Spontaneously I followed him. After a while, “Woah! Am I seeing a younger doppelgänger” I mused, “Or am I a ghost walking?” Just then a passer-by ramped hard into me. “Just a younger doppelgänger then” nursing my shoulder bruise.
The boy halted near that push-cart mango seller ogling at the delicious, yellow mangoes yet again. Suddenly the seller called out handing him a mango, whispering something into the boy’s ears – his eyes widened.

“Déjà vu ! But it cannot be. It HAS already happened before. I’m reliving the moment!?” blood rushed to my head. The same old man, who has not aged a single day asked me, “Have you earned the fruit” handing me over the fruit he whispered, “Take it, I shall collect my dues in due course”. That kid that I was, lived my life on charity. That question has reverberated in my head forever. It dawned upon me that I wanted to give something back to the society. That was THE decisive moment that changed my life. I got help through random sources. I got letters that mentored me, I got help to study. Now I can say I earned what I owned. But my dues were yet to be paid. As I collected my thoughts the seller turned and winked at me and disappeared.

Just like that.

“Maybe it is an infinite loop – Maybe till the fruit lasts” I pondered looking for my doppelgänger.

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