Forbidden Fruit And Wandering Wind

‘Love’ she sighed, ‘You know’
A coy smile brought that glow.
‘Forbidden Fruit – Don’t get rooted’
Brown Bark hooted.

‘You sway much! Might stray!
Caution Forbidden Fruit! Restrain Unbidden
Thought! ‘ barked brown Bark. Smouldering
Eyes retorted shamelessly-the transported thoughts.

‘Love’ he sighed, ‘Spared no fruit’
‘That potent touch! He’s my pursuit’
Crooned the fruit. Bark quavered
Instantly fates favoured.

Forbidden fruit snatched by brute.
‘Seek me? But be carefree’
Wind embraced delightfully the chaste
Fruit. Clung as she flung.

‘Love’ she smiled, ‘Spares no force’
She nested as upon a horse
‘Oh! My dear Forbidden fruit! ‘ Whoosed
Wind, ‘I am seduced;

By your touch and pure
Soul. Wanderer and a squanderer
I’m, diverse yet with you I traverse
With direction and your affection

Love’ he grinned, ‘spared me not’
Planted her at a spot.
As she grew, they wandered
A lot, she was squandered
Across so he missed her not!

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