Moon n’ Me

As a month old baby, I saw you! O Moon!
As white huge ball, I whined & purred for You all while
Incapable to reach; incapable to think,
All I did was to sleep & sleep

As a five year-old girl, I saw you! O Moon!
Singing vernacular invitations to come & dine with me
Unable to come to me, you saw me eat!

As a ten yr-old girl, I saw you! O moon!
Cuddled in my grandma’s lap tracing
A funny rabbit stuck there
Unable to rescue, you held a zoo!

As a 15 yr-old girl, I saw you! O moon!
To be nothing but a crushed paper which I threw
Provoked & insulted by teachers & marks
Unable to share my tear! You were there my dear!

As a 20 yr-old woman, I saw you! O moon!
As a real moon, a topic of study
I meditated upon you,
Unable to speak to you, you just made me read

As a 25 yr-old maiden, I saw you! O moon!
Hand-in-hand with my guy,
You were an embodiment of beauty,
Unable to swoop down to carry me with you
You speculated jealously at him & me

As a 30 yr-old mother, I saw you! O moon!
With my year-old little son in my hands,
Enviously thinking that my little one stole you from me
Staggered by his beauty; you couldn’t pacify me!

As a 35 yr-old mom, I saw you! O moon!
Being wildly chased by my son,
Street after street, we ran to catch him
Unable to be caught, we laughed over it a lot!

As a 40 yr-old professional, I saw you! O moon!
As being my next place to dwell in
Minute by minute I prepared for this,
I will be there O! My dear!

As a 45 yr-old astronaut, I saw you! O moon!
As my ultimatum, I move towards you
Second-by-second your radiance captivates me
Heavenly body flowing just next to me!

As a 50 yr-old ex-astronaut, I saw you! O moon!
As newspapers flashed us, it was our fifth anniversary
Since our meeting, a beamed as I was silhouetted
Against you! Only too happy to embrace me we made a good photo!

As a 55 yr-old grandmother, I saw you! O moon!
Singing lullabies into the ears of my grand-daughter
She was just my alike
Unable to laugh you rekindled my thoughts!

As a 65 yr-old wife, I saw you! O moon!
With at most peace, nothing out of life to achieve
My guy & I sat on the shore, love still intact
Much to your envy he rested his head on mine

As a 70 yr-old dying lady, I saw you! O moon!
As I breathed my last, I eloped with you
There we were as one, eternally forever!

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